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Benefits of Soft Innovas Academy

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

No IT Background Necessary

There are no pre-requisites for starting our Salesforce bootcamp. If you are motivated for a career change, and are driven to learn new concepts,
our industry expert instructors and our well-planned curriculum will help you achieve the rest.

Expert-led Hands-on Projects

Salesforce Administration and Developer curriculums are prepared by the industry experts. During your bootcamp journey, you will be working on countless projects to prepare you ahead of your first job in Salesforce. The projects are based on real-world scenarios, and you will be working in groups with our instructors always ready to help you solve any issues on the spot.

Get Certified by Salesforce

Our bootcamp is geared towards helping individuals learn the skills necessary to pass both the Salesforce Administration and Developer exams. Along with our stellar curriculum, Salesforce Trailheads help you gain
the skills necessary to pass the exams. After you are certified, you can keep your certifications active through the maintenance modules on Trailheads.

High Job Satisfaction

Salesforce saw a 38% rise in its job listings from 2020-2021. Salesforce will generate 9.3 million new jobs in the ecosystem by 2026 Globally. Salesforce is repeatedly listed as one of the top 25 best jobs. An average Salesforce developer salary is $118K in the United States.

Our students believe in us

Houston TX
I was one of the luckiest students to get enrolled into the brand new Salesforce Developer Course provided by Soft Innovas. The program designed with a comprehensive curriculum and flavored with the professional career coaching to make our dream come true.
Cincinnati OH
I am privileged to become a Soft Innovas Alumni , after completion of the fully loaded Salesforce Developer Program, I have advanced my career as Salesforce Developer from QA role in one of the largest Consulting Company in US. Happy to be hear-strongly recommended. 
Tampa FL
It was a game changing experience for me since I have changed my entire career and I was able to successfully enter to the IT field as a Full Stack Web Developer. It took for me a long battle with sleepless nights and studies obviously could not make it happen without support provided by Soft Innovas. 
Houston TX
Just because of Soft Innovas team I am living my American dream very fast. I joined Tesla as an IT Professional in about a month after my graduation, I feel blessed to be a member of this huge family, most important thing I would like to share that they care about each of us 

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Frequently asked questions

How does this bootcamp train me for my first job in Salesforce?

Our program helps you optimize the skills you need in the industry. You will be learning all the basics, training with real world problems, creating projects, completing trailheads, practicing for interviews with our instructors and mentors, and you will also become a Salesforce certified administrator. We work hard knowing at the end of our bootcamp, you will be job-ready without hesitation. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Our classes are live to give you the kickstart you need to push through the training. We also provide the recording for each class, so that you can catch up at your own pace whenever you need to. 

How do I get certified?

- First, you will need to complete this training and understand all the concepts of Salesforce.
- Second, you will need to sign-up for the certification. You can do that by creating a webassessor account through Trailhead.
- Once you pass the exam you will become a Salesforce certified administrator.

How much time do I need to dedicate a week outside of class hours?

Our live classes are around 20 hours per week, and we recommend that you dedicate at least 10 hours per week of your own time for learning and for completing Trailhead modules to be job-ready at the end of our bootcamp.

I have zero to little knowledge in Salesforce and do not come from an IT background, would your bootcamp be suited for me?

Our bootcamp is geared towards individuals with no prior knowledge, so we always start with the basics to help you get up to speed with the important material you need learn to be successful in the industry. We also have mentors and multiple instructors to give you the boost you need on any subject matter. We never leave our students behind; we provide the right environment to keep everyone at a similar pace.  

Do you have previews of your courses or offer any free learning material?

We have previews of everything we teach, so you can go on a test drive and see if it would be suited for your learning needs. Our previews are very detailed and even teach you some of the material prior to the start of our bootcamp, and all of this is free.