Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Soft Innovas

Soft Innovas Team
At Soft Innovas, we're deeply committed to fostering an inclusive culture. Our belief? The best innovations emerge from diverse perspectives. Here's how we’re championing this cause:
Inclusive Hiring Practices: We've honed a bias-free recruitment strategy, partnering with organizations that uplift underrepresented communities. Every interview panel is trained against implicit bias.
DEI Training: All employees undergo mandatory training on unconscious biases and allyship. Education paves the way to an inclusive environment.
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Our ERGs support various demographics, serving as platforms for advocacy and positive change within the company.
Flexible Working Conditions: Catering to diverse needs, we offer flexibility in work arrangements, be it for religious practices, parental duties, or personal situations.
Open Conversations: Through periodic surveys and feedback, we stay attuned to our workforce's needs, shaping our long-term DEI goals.
Community Engagement: Beyond our company boundaries, we engage with communities, promoting STEM for underrepresented groups, aiming to mold an inclusive tech industry.
Soft Innovas stands by the philosophy that our diversity is our strength. Let's together pave the way for an inclusive tech future.
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