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Don't give up!

Ever feel like you’re lacking motivation and it just doesn’t seem to get better.

 This may be a good time to start questioning your purpose. Going for a career change, taking a risk, or a leap of faith can be a difficult decision to make. You feel relieved and excited when you first start with your next big project, but when it starts to feel like you don’t get your reward right away and the instant gratification doesn’t show up, that’s when things start to whirlwind. This may be the exact time to remember you started this journey for a solid reason and now may not be the right time to give up!

Starting something new needs patience, time management and self-motivation. We all go through times in our journey where we start to feel overwhelmed as opposed to overjoyed when we first began. When the overwhelm kicks in losing motivation is easy as 123 and the negative thoughts start streaming through our minds constantly. Should I continue this? Can I really do this? Is this the right career choice for me? Do I really have time to spend my energy on something that does not bring me instant money? Going for a career change can be a long journey. Attending a bootcamp for that career change is even harder because this would bring along months of all-nighters, no time to spend with family or to vacation, feeling like you’re too old to learn something new and so much more. All of us that have started something new know how hard it can be to overcome these thoughts, but the winners are the ones who are able to silence the constant stream of doubt and negativity.

On the other end of the spectrum are the ones who initiate giving up! They start to think things like I can do fine with my current job, I don’t need to make more money, I am too old for this stuff anyway, why did I even start this, and do I really want this. When these thoughts start to creep in, it can be very difficult to silence them, but we can always start asking questions to ourselves to remember why we began this journey. Think of the reasons why you made the decision to go for a career change. Being in your current situation right now may not be the worst thing to happen to you. There is no exact science behind success and failure, and there are no definitive answers to our future. We can try to stay in the moment and solve each problem with opposing questions to find the real reason behind our aspirations.

Now let’s ask ourselves these questions to determine whether now is the right time to give- up!

1. You started something new for a solid reason, ask yourself why you started this journey?It is hard to focus on your original purpose when you have constant stream of negativity and doubt going through your mind. Stop thinking about the bills you must pay, whether you can succeed, when and if you can find a job, and put aside the overwhelm you’re feeling from your full schedule and list of things you must complete. Focus on the reasons why you decided to go for a career change. Do you hate your current or previous job? Did you get motivated by friends and family to start this journey? Is it because you knew you had the talent and the skills to do what it takes? If you still feel connected with your original purpose when you ask these questions, then giving up now may not be the right decision to make. It can be safe to stay in your comfort zone, but do you really want to be in the same situation. Remember, you decided to change your career for a reason.

2. You are not alone! It always sounds charming and easy to do at first, but when doubt arises you start questioning even the simplest things you go through. You are not the only one. Everyone who starts something new goes through the same phases. Everyone is overjoyed and thrilled to start a new journey, or to go for a career change until they start doubting themselves, and that’s when they start to think they are lacking talent or that they are just not capable. It’s easy to believe you are the problem but remember everyone goes through the same phases. You are not the only one!

3. Don’t let fear make you believe in things that don’t exist.

There are many good reasons to give up. Maybe your current situation has changed, you might also be lacking finances, or you just simply lost interest, but keep in mind fear is not one of them. When fear kicks in, you are not able to think straight. Fear lies to you. It tells you that you cannot succeed. It tells you that you are not enough. It tells you that it is never going to end and that it is just too hard to complete. Fear distances you from reality. Once you give fear a thumbs up, all the negativity and doubt start becoming your reality. To differentiate between what’s true and what’s not, make sure you talk to a friend, family member, or a mentor and seek advice on what would be the best to do in your current situation. Don’t just give up because you are fearful of not being able to succeed. You can’t know that until you give it a good try.

4. Ask for help when you need it.
One of main reasons people often feel like giving up is because they feel overwhelmed with the mountains of work they must do. When you start something new, or decide to change your career it can get very frustrating perhaps because you also already have a full-time job, maybe you have kids, etc. Making time for family, or for the things outside your bootcamp can be challenging. During these difficult times it is always a good idea to ask for help. Society makes us believe we should take care of everything on our own but believe it or not that leads to quicker burnout. Asking for help is always a good idea to keep sane. You can ask a family member, a mentor, a partner, an instructor, or a consultant depending on what your situation aligns with. At Soft Innovas, we have many people who are ready, willing, and happy to always help you even if you feel like you don’t need it now, you will in the future. You can always come to us for any questions, concerns, or doubts.

Keep your mind in check and align it with your goals, so every problem that arises when your circumstances change is easier to overcome. Obstacles can get in the way, but we can overcome them with positivity and passion.