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Top Tips for Bootcamp Success

Here is a List of Our Top Tips for Bootcamp Success

Everyone knows bootcamps can be difficult, it is a crash course of all the things you need to learn in a limited time. Times flies quickly during a bootcamp and it can get overwhelming if you’re not organized.
You may have heard this repeatedly, but you get what you put into it. If you put in the work, and time and direct your energy into learning the new concepts thoroughly, your reward will be greater than others who are on the same boat as you but may have done the same work with less effort.
How does one succeed in a bootcamp? Read below our tips on how you can overcome the obstacles and reach your goal sooner than you thought would be possible. You will also get the scoop on how our boot campers have made the leap from being learners to professionals.
1. Be prepared! Practice and do any pre-work before each live class.
We can’t stretch enough about the importance of starting your bootcamp ready. Make sure you read about the topics your bootcamp entails, do any pre-work that is required of you, and always be ready to attend live classes. Put everything aside for a few months and make sure you prioritize your bootcamp studies because time flies fast during a crash course. Take yourself on an exploration tour to earn general knowledge base on all the topics introduced in the bootcamp. If given any assignments, complete them before class and practice afterwards to understand the concepts more thoroughly.
2. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions!
This might be your opportunity to give that introvert personality of yours a chance to speak up and explore. You can’t always find answers to the questions on your mind on your own, so utilize the classroom environment and ask your instructors, mentors, or even other students to understand anything that may need a push to keep you moving steadily on your learning path. Keep in mind that your instructors are happy when you ask questions, they want to see that you are engaged in your learning, and other students are always willing to help because it makes it easier for someone else to learn more thoroughly when they teach what they have already learned!
3. Make new friends! Get to know people in your batch.
Our Salesforce Admin and Developer bootcamp combined is up to 24 weeks, and during that time you will have the chance to meet new people in your batch. These people are on the same bandwagon and know exactly what kind of support you need, so reaching out to anyone in your batch can be beneficial in keeping you motivated. Your classmates are not leaving the train until you are. Make sure you surround yourself with the support system you need. These group of people can help you overcome obstacles, can motivate you to keep learning, and they can help you brainstorm to help you develop a very useful idea tree that will form the cherry on top of your studies.
4. Don’t just act like you are an Admin or Developer. Be one!
Being a part of a job training bootcamp means you are professionally training for your next role, so it is time to kick out the old mindset and bring in the new. You shouldn’t just feel like you are training to become a Salesforce Admin or Developer. Instead, you should affirm to yourself that you are one. After all, everything your learning is thought from real world scenarios and you’re getting your hands dirty on some issues that will come up in your real job environment. There is no need to act like you are a professional in the industry. Keep in mind that you are in the first phase of becoming the best of yourself in the industry.
5. Attend live classes with your best attitude!
Attendance is the most important thing you need to do before achieving any form of success. If you are present, you can learn. If you learn, you can earn. Make sure you attend every class with your utmost attitude. Remember you are present to learn, not there to complete a requirement. If there is ever a time where other circumstances take priority, we always have assistance to get you back on track. You can watch the recorded sessions and schedule a one-to-one with one of our mentors to answer any questions you may have.
6. Networking is one of the most important aspects.
A good percentage of finding a job right after your bootcamp depends on networking. Make sure you connect with our mentors, alumni and attend events that relate. Observe other people to see how you can gain the skills to network effectively. You will use the networking skills you learn well beyond in your career.
7. Seek career guidance and advice.
Networking with mentors that align with your career goals can help guide you in the right direction. Make sure you connect with people that can guide you in the career path you want to take. Students often refer to their mentors as the building block to their careers. Finding mentors and keeping connected with people that are in line with your career goals is an important aspect of networking for your next tech role.
8. Learn new techniques for time management.
Bootcamp requires a lot of energy, attention, dedication, and time. You will have at least 20 hours of live class time. You also need to dedicate at least 20 hours of your own time per week to keep up with additional teamwork and assignments. Learning to solve your problems between your own time and live classes is a part of time management. Juggling work, life and bootcamp can be a difficult task, but it is all worth it in the end. You can utilize the Pomodoro technique as we do in live classes, it will help you stay focused. Taking frequent breaks during study hours can help sharpen your attention and keep you energetic.
9. Polish your Linkedin profile and build your personal brand.
Your resume and Linkedin profile are your personal brand. Update your profile with a professional headshot, and don’t forget to add relevant skills and experiences from your resume. Make sure your resume aligns with your new career goals. You can follow businesses and organizations and engage with the community that relates to your new tech job. Social media is a great foundation for building your personal brand. You can showcase your skills for companies that are searching for candidates alike.
10. Keep in mind that there is always room for failure.
Failure sets the foundation for great success. If you let your failures build-up, they will soon start weighing you down. If you use your failures as a steppingstone for reaching your goals, you will succeed with greater wisdom than where you started. Being a great coder means you write code that fails, so you can take the time to analyze your code and do it in a way that it won’t fail. All great developers have written codes that failed in the past. You too will do something incorrectly, you will have to start over, and get stuck without knowing what to do next. The important thing is to keep in mind that all these obstacles can be overcome for as long as you don’t give up!
11. Be confident in your skills!
Remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of all this hard-work and dedication, all you have is you to motivate yourself. Consistency is key to achieving success, but it all comes down to how confident you are in what you’ve learned. Remain calm, confident, and resilient. Always affirm to yourself that you can overcome any bottlenecks in your career path. Your skills will shine through your confident outlook. If you take the time to learn, what you learn in our bootcamp will help you polish your brand and build the necessary skills for the next steps in your career path.